3 Elements of  RoxFire

At RoxFire Fitness, one of the most exclusive gyms in Fort Lauderdale, you are a superhero in our group fitness classes created for any fitness level to train bold & live wild. Our program design consists of three core offerings that work in tandem to assist you in becoming strong, lean & fit af. We will maximize muscle development in Build, increase work capacity & torch fat in Rev and fortify overall fitness with power & strength in Fuse.


Three Elements of RoxFire Fitness

At RoxFire, our focus for our hero team of members is performance & aesthetics.
Programmed with intention & intensity, check out our three class styles below.

At RoxFire Fitness, in every class you’ll get:

♦ CONSTANT VARIETY: We rotate between BUILD, REV & FUSE on different days every week.

♦ CUSTOMIZED WORKOUTS: Limited to 16 members per class, our Coaches will break down every movement, help you scale to your fitness level & provide you with real time feedback to maximize your workout & output.

A FAMILIAR FORMAT: Every class in 50 minutes long and is designed with a warm-up, performance section(s) and a cool-down, no matter the style.

BALANCED STRENGTH & CONDITIONING: Many studios are either cardio heavy or are primarily a lifting club but we believe that the optimal way to build the body of a superhero is to work within a program that balances both strength & conditioning.

AN EXTRA PUSH: Many of our members have participated in competitive sports or done competitive functional fitness. Our classes offer you the opportunity to push yourself in a group that is there to perform at their best. It’s you against you at RoxFire – but if you need a little friendly competition – our workouts & hard working culture are designed to deliver you an extra push.

UNIQUE & TRANSFORMATIVE APPROACH: Our approach to fitness will result in you building fuller muscles, work with varying intensities & develop strength and power you never imagined.

The RoxFire Difference

Once you start a membership, you’ll sit down with a Coach and discuss your goals and a plan of action to help you achieve them. You’ll meet a community of like-minded individuals, ready to throw down and help keep you on your journey. We’ll talk nutrition, sleep & training. We are passionate about delivering results – all it takes is that first step towards living wild.

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We can’t wait to go onthis journey with you


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