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Frequently asked questions

Do you take out of town drop-ins?

We absolutely do. In fact, we love people who visit Fort Lauderdale because we love our amazing city. Also happy to give you any tips on some great sights, eats and fun.

In town for a day?
Our drop-in fee is $25.

In town for a few days?
If you drop-in once for $25 and leave us a 5-star review on Google or Facebook we’ll give you a second class on us.

In town for a week?
We have a weekly drop in rate of $75.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is workout programed geared toward helping you life a better, more functional life.  No gimmicks – just hard work, good training and focus on movement mechanics.  We stick to functional movements (squats, running, pull-ups, etc) that we’ll find in our every day life.  We mix them up and vary them because that’s how life works: things come at you in wild mixes of cardio and strength. Each class contains a warm up, WOD (workout of the day) and cool down. Our goal each class is to entertain, educate and inspire you to be your own superhero.

Why is it so expensive?

It’s not cheap, but it’s not expensive.  Expensive implies it’s overpriced.  A gym membership that you pay for and never use is expensive.  Our memberships are not cheap, but that’s because what we do works to get you the results you want – and we want you to also have buy-in. We treat every member at RoxFire Fitness like family – and we take care of our family. We don’t just stick you on a treadmill or watch you spin away like other gyms or experiences, we teach you how to move safely, well and add intensity when need it. We get to know you, how you operate and what motivates you. We also offer a community of supportive and like-minded individuals that will definitely text you if you don’t show up when you say you will. We’re in the results business. Traditional gyms are cheap because only 11% of people show up, 89% never show up and end up subsidizing the ones that do. At RoxFire, we’re almost the polar opposite; 85% of our athletes can’t go 2 weeks without showing up. We charge what we do because it works and you’re worth it. Try this experiment, look at your bank statement for the past month, if you’ve got over $150 in stuff that’s not a necessity or adding value to your life in a measurable way, you can definitely afford us.

Don't a lot of people get hurt?

Have people gotten hurt doing a functional fitness program? Absolutely – no lies detected. However, upwards of 90% of runners get hurt in the first 2 months of their training. Even 1 in 4 people get hurt doing Zumba. ????CrossFit’s injury rates are significantly lower than both of those other alternatives. Just being honest, there are a lot of not fantastic CrossFit gyms with inexperienced trainers who are interested in pushing you way beyond your limits. CrossFit is an affiliate system, not a franchise, so being a free market business structure there are definitely some bad apples – they tend to close quickly.  Therefore, picking the right box for you is important. We are meticulous about our coaching and members – as we said above, family first – and that’s why we encourage you to start with a free 1 on 1 consultation. Our motto is: mechanics (learn the movement) , consistency (do the movement well, in repetition) then intensity (take the car out for a spin!).

What makes you different from other CrossFit Gyms?

We love this question: we are about making people better movers & fit for their lives. A lot of CrossFit gyms have fallen into a pattern of focusing on their strongest & most skilled athletes first. Even CrossFit HQ has let the story get away from them and course corrected with a noticeable shift away from the CrossFit Games and back on health & wellness. Don’t get us wrong, we love athletes and firebreathers. However, we could care less if you have a 500 lb deadlift, but  do care if you can you safely lift your kids and run around and play with them this weekend. It’s impressive af if you can do twenty muscle-ups in a row, but can you crush that Saturday game of pick up kick-ball with your bros? We want you to train bold with us in the gym, so you can live your best and most wild life outside of the gym. And yes, we love to crush some beers after a hard workout. Life is about balance – and we’re interested in helping you optimize yours.

Will I get too bulky?

If you’re a dude, train 4-5x a week, and eat well you will definitely put on some muscle mass. You might end up looking like this or this. If you want to be a big diesel tank, you will need to train, eat, sleep and supplement like a bodybuilder.  If you want to look athletic you need to train like an athlete. Our training is inherently athletic, so that’s what you’ll end up looking like. Bulky? Nah. Jacked? Fa sho. And at RoxFire, we do love bicep curls. All day long. And we’re launching our program SwoleFit soon, so…

If you’re a lady? The reality is, if you see a women who is built with the same musculature as a man, it’s because they take the same hormones as men ie testosterone. If you train with us, eat well and don’t take drugs you’ll probably look something like this or this.

Also, male or female, if you are doing strength training and not taking care of your diet, you’re definitely not going to see the results you want.

Real talk...Is this worth my time and money?

Like everything else in life, you will only get back what you put in.

But what you put in you’ll get 10x in return:

  • We’ve watched someone go from being overweight, depressed & anxious to being a positive, happy top ranked CrossFit athlete.
  • We’ve watched 4 people lose over 100lbs (and one lose over 200lbs).
  • We’ve seen 3 different marriage proposals with more on the way…

So the answer is an unequivocal yes, it’s worth it; but we can’t do it for you.

I'm in horrible shape. Can I actually do this without embarrassing myself?

Here’s  the thing you’re going to learn about CrossFit, whether you’re at the ‘top’ of your game or just starting out: you’re going to get humbled every damn day.  The very nature of training bold is designed to find what you’re crappy at.  That might be running, weightlifting, coordination – it doesn’t matter, we’re all imperfect humans. So yeah, it’s going to be uncomfortable realizing these things about yourself – but look around the room and ask your coach, they will tell you even more embarrassing fitness stories about themselves than you care to hear. It took Coach LJ four years to discover the right coordination for double-unders. No kidding. We’re all in this together.

Know this: if you’re committed to getting more fit, we’re going to do everything in our power to help you achieve that. All you need to do is start.

I want to get in shape af, but I always quit before I get ahead. Can you you help?

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My friend who does CrossFit says the people are great. But everyone else says they are total self-absorbed jerks. What gives?

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I can’t wait to go on this journey with you



I can’t wait to go on this journey with you