Membership Hold Request

Wanting to freeze your membership? Fill out the below form and I’ll be in touch regarding putting your membership on hold


1. You have the option to put your automatically recurring monthly membership on hold for any reason.

2. Membership hold requests must be submitted no less than two business day before your forthcoming scheduled renewal date. Membership hold requests received later cannot be processed until after the forthcoming scheduled renewal payment. All membership payments are non-refundable.

3. Membership hold requests are limited to one time per calendar year in 30-day increments for up to three consecutive 30-day periods (i.e. 90 days maximum). Upon expiration of the hold period that you select below, your account will automatically reactivate and regular membership payments will resume. If you chose to cancel your membership during the hold period, the standard 30-day written cancellation notice requirement stated in your membership agreement is applicable. If you choose to reactivate your membership after it is cancelled, membership rates in effect at the time of reactivation will be applicable (membership rates are subject to change).

4. There is a $25 per month fee for Membership Holds.

Temporary Hold Request