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Biceps and Buoyancy: Aaron Gillespie Sets Sail, But RoxFire’s Programming Keeps You Anchored

By February 28, 2024No Comments

Launching Our Podcast to Bring Our Gym’s Heartbeat to Your Ears

Last week, we promised the launch of our official podcast, and here it is!

I’m hosting it to give you an inside look at our gym’s classes, programming, and future plans.

Plus, the “RoxFire Rundown” isn’t just about us; we’ll also dive into Fort Lauderdale’s local scene, highlighting events and chatting with other business owners.

So, whether you’re part of our gym, want to be, live in Flagler Village, or just curious about Fort Lauderdale’s happenings, this podcast is your go-to for staying in the loop.

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In our kick-off episode of the RoxFire Rundown I have a heart-to-heart with Coach Aaron Gillespie, our esteemed coach and head programmer.

Aaron’s journey from a RoxFire member to a cornerstone of our coaching team unfolds, highlighting his transition from an accomplished gymnast and competitive ice skater to a key influencer in our fitness community.

We delve into how our unique blend of bodybuilding and functional training we developed has revolutionized our class structures, making RoxFire a standout fitness hub.

As Aaron embarks on an exciting seven-and-a-half-month stint at sea as a professional ice skater, he shares how he plans to stay connected, continuing to shape our programming and inspire our members from across the globe.

Our conversation is a reflection on the strength of community, the dynamic evolution of RoxFire’s offerings, and the shared enthusiasm for embracing new adventures and challenges, both within the gym’s walls and beyond.

This episode embodies the essence of RoxFire’s spirit—where passion meets fitness, and every journey is celebrated.

Listen above or here!

In strength & spirit,


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