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Need An Adult Field Trip?

By April 11, 2024No Comments

We’ve got two exciting experiences you can join us on this month!

OMG, Last weekend’s sound bath was epic! 

InHarmony joined us for a Sound Bath to kick off Wellness Month. The entire setup was so exciting and cool. Check out this reel to see how RoxFire was transformed for this event.

As we continue to celebrate, we have lined up two more transformative events designed to challenge and rejuvenate your body and mind.

For these, we are venturing beyond the walls of RoxFire to explore new terrain! 

Field Trip #1 – Sound Healing at Le Sound Temple – This Sunday 7:30 PM

Join us this Sunday, April 14th, for a serene escape at Le Sound Temple, Florida’s largest sound healing center. We’ll meet on-site to end the weekend with purpose and power.

I will be there with my sleep mask, mat, and pillow to fully immerse myself in the hour-and-a-half experience. 

At Le Sound Temple, you’ll experience the profound benefits of sound healing—a practice that uses vibrations from gongs, crystal bowls, and shamanic drums to promote relaxation and mental clarity. It’s an opportunity to harmonize your inner self in a setting created to nurture wellness and peace.

As part of our “Look Great Naked, Inside & Out” philosophy, we encourage you to dive into this experience and explore the deeper layers of your consciousness. 

The session starts at 7:30 PM , and we’re thrilled to offer it at a special discounted rate. Spots are limited, so reserve yours now and join me! Click “RSVP for Free and Pay at Venue” for $20 tickets.

Field Trip #2 – The Spartan Race – Next Saturday 4/20!

The following weekend, shift gears from serene to Spartan with the thrilling challenge of the Spartan Race. A mere day after Taylor Swift changes the world with her next record, “The Tortured Poets Departments,” 24 of our members will no doubt change our own.

On the real though, this event is perfect for those looking to test their physical limits and showcase the strength and endurance they’ve been working so hard to build at RoxFire. 

The race is not just a physical challenge; it’s a mental one, pushing you to overcome obstacles and proving that you’re capable of more than you ever imagined.

We still have discount ticket codes for those ready to take on this adventure! This is your chance to put your training to the test and experience the exhilaration of achieving something extraordinary.

Embracing Wellness, Inside & Out

At RoxFire Fitness, “Look Great Naked, Inside & Out” isn’t just a slogan—it’s a commitment to our community. Whether through the calming frequencies of sound healing or the gritty determination required for the Spartan Race, we provide opportunities for you to nurture every aspect of your being. This Wellness Month, embrace these experiences, challenge yourself, and discover how great you can feel, inside and out.

Take advantage of these incredible events. Reserve your spot for the sound healing session and grab your discounted tickets for the Spartan Race today. 

Let’s continue to grow together in strength and serenity.

All my best,

Coach LJ |

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