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Will You Be Brave This Weekend?

By May 22, 2024No Comments

My Mother is up to the challenge…

No, really, she’s a badass.

My mom, Donna, will join us this weekend for our annual tradition of Murph at RoxFire Fitness.

And I wanted to extend the invitation to you.

We have two workout times on Saturday for our Murph event → 8:30 (3 available spots) and 10:00 AM (12 available spots).

RSVP is complimentary for all, whether you are a member or not.

You should join us!


The Murph workout consists of:

  • 1-mile run

  • 100 pull-ups

  • 200 push-ups

  • 300 squats

  • Another 1-mile run

Before you run screaming, you can absolutely modify the workout. Most folks opt to do a half version. Don’t let the workload deter you.


This challenging workout is done in honor of Navy Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy, who sacrificed his life in Afghanistan in 2005. Each year, around Memorial Day, we perform this workout to remember and honor all the fallen heroes who have served our country.

At RoxFire, I call our members Heroes because every day, they get up and face the world, whether it’s a challenging workday, tough personal situations, or just dealing with the general challenges of life. Our members show resilience, strength, and determination in everything they do.

The Murph workout takes the concept of honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country to the next level. It allows us to connect with a greater purpose, push ourselves beyond our limits, and pay tribute to the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.


We have a few sponsors working with us this year who will be there on Saturday to offer some goodies! Join us as we welcome Warrior Extracts, Nu Athletics Sportswear, Catered Fit, and 1st Phorm.


At 2 PM, we’re also having a grill out at my rooftop apartment pool. We’ll provide the food, you bring the drinks!

Tomorrow, we’ll share in more detail about the sponsors and Grill & Chill event.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to working out alongside you on Saturday,


RoxFire Fitness

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