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3 Reasons To Join Us For The Spartan Race

By March 7, 2024No Comments

Besides the discounted ticket price.

One of the things that really excite me about our functional fitness workouts at RoxFire Fitness is how they empower us to be functional in real life.

Beyond being a workout program and helping you look great naked, RoxFire Fitness is about making you ‘fit for life.’

Carrying groceries? That’s just like the farmer’s carries we do. Need to lift some furniture? It’s no different than the deadlifts we crush (with proper form, of course; we don’t want any rounded backs!). And putting something on the top shelf in your kitchen? Consider that a press.

What about escaping zombies during the apocalypse? Well, pull-ups are your go-to, obviously!

You catch my drift.

That’s why when Spartan reached out about partnering with discounted tickets for the upcoming Spartan Sprint Race on April 20th in Palm Beach, we jumped on the opportunity.

What better way for us to show our members that besides looking fabulous on the beach, our workouts have well prepared them for any physical challenges life throws at them.

And all for under $30.

In the 3-5 mile trek, the obstacles at this Floridian Spartan Race will include: wall climbs, rope climbs, crawling under barbed wire and jumping over fire!

The website (going for the “Peak Florida Award”) even says “Enjoy the local flora and fauna with iridescent Iguanas surrounding the course.”

This is my fourth Spartan race, my first in Florida with RoxFire and I want everyone to join our team.

But what Is A Spartan Race?

The Spartan Race is an obstacle course race with varying distances and difficulties, from 3 miles to marathon lengths. These races are designed to test your endurance, strength, and mental grit through various obstacles. Founded in 2010 by Joe De Sena, Andy Weinberg, and Julian Kopald, the Spartan Race draws inspiration from the legendary endurance and discipline of ancient Spartan warriors. Since its inception, it has become a global phenomenon, hosting events in over 30 countries and becoming one of the world’s leading obstacle racing series.

Why You Should Consider Joining Us

1. Real-World Application of Fitness: Like we mentioned above, our functional fitness workouts are about making you fit for life. Whether you’re carrying groceries, lifting furniture, and fighting zombies. The Spartan Race Sprint is a perfect opportunity to put these skills to the test.

2. Unique Adventure and Team Building: Participating in the Spartan Race Sprint with RoxFire is not just about completing the race; it’s about the adventure and building camaraderie. You’ll join a supportive community of members with experiences ranging from multiple Spartan Races (this will be member & mama Kristyn V’s 6th race!) to first-timers. This event offers a chance to bond with fellow members, face challenges together, and create lasting memories.

3. Diverse and Exciting Obstacles: The race will challenge you with a variety of obstacles that test different aspects of physical fitness, from climbing to crawling under barbed wire. These obstacles are a fun and challenging way to showcase the strength, endurance, and mental grit you’ve developed through your RoxFire training.

The most challenging obstacle I faced previously for me oddly wasn’t the monkey bar swings as seen above. But carrying a tub with wet mud for awhile. Like I mean, awhile. That was heavy af.

Yet, it’s these challenges that make the experience rewarding and why I can’t wait for you to join us in this adventure. Show yourself what being RoxFire fit really means.

The best part? We have discount codes to bring the ticket price from around $200 to around $30. You cannot beat that price.

Simply fill out this form and we’ll email you the code with steps on how to sign up and join the RoxFire Fitness team.

And if you’re aiming to tackle a Spartan Race with confidence, experience dynamic workouts seven days a week, look fantastic in your swimwear, and forge new friendships, you know exactly what your next step should be.

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