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AMPED Fitness opens…finally. Is it worth it?

By January 31, 2024No Comments

For $30, I’d say heck yes.

We’re back with our weekly Rundown of what’s happening in and around RoxFire Fitness!

I bet you’re wondering why we’re talking about AMPED Fitness?

Here’s the scoop: AMPED (yes, it’s stylized like it’s SCREAMING AT YOU) and RoxFire might both be fitness facilities, but that’s where the similarities end.

Each gym caters to different fitness preferences and needs. AMPED shines with its convenience, array of equipment, and amenities, as seen during their grand opening.

Here’s a quick comparison:

  • AMPED Fitness Highlights:

    • Vast Equipment Selection: Offers a wide range of state-of-the-art machines for various workouts.

    • Cleanliness and Amenities: Notable for high cleanliness standards and unique offerings like a women-only lifting room with a mango scent, and a VIP recovery area.

    • Membership Value: Fees range from $20-30 per month, with personal training sessions available at additional costs.

If solo workouts are your thing, AMPED has you covered. But for those seeking more than just equipment….

The RoxFire Fitness Difference:

  • Boutique Experience: We specialize in group fitness in a intimate setting limited to 16 people – ensuring personalized attention. Beyond classes, members benefit from Strategy Sessions where we can go 1-on-1 and create a roadmap to your fitness goals.

  • Community and Empowerment: We offer a sense of belonging with coaches who know your name and fitness goals, tailoring workouts for you. We also host monthly get togethers to enhance connections (because where does one go to make friends anymore?!)

  • Motivation: We’re here for you – however you need us. Do you need to be encouraged? Or yelled at? Do you need a coach to bring you a heavier movement or show you a modification? Our goal is to make you sweat and feel energized.

  • Focus on Form: Our coaches prioritize form to improve your movement and lifting technique. When you do venture into the AMPED’s of the world (and you’re on your own, kid) you remain injury-free.


AMPED is great for independent lifting, while RoxFire offers a tailored, community-driven fitness experience (check out our Member of the Year Federica to see what we mean).

Choose what suits your fitness journey best, there’s no wrong answer.

Well, there is a wrong answer.

And that’s doing nothing! Sitting on your couch and vegging out for the third January (or February!) in a row. I know it’s cool to be counter-culture, – but – with the way things are going in the world, you better be prepared for a zombie apocalypse or worse.

Click below if you want to give us a go.

Hey, that rhymed…

Catch you next time,

Coach LJ | RoxFire Fitness

P.S. We’re finally getting to Karma Kava next week (and I’m pumped!).