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Super pumped that were able to try some gear from Born Tough. They design their clothing with comfort and the highest level of performance in mind. At RoxFire, we focus on aesthetics & performance so this line looked to be right up our ally and aligned with our vision of TRAIN BOLD, LIVE WILD.

Coach LJ testing out BornTough in Build Class

And we can say, we were right.

Not only was the clothing super comfortable and lightweight, but it looked amazing. I got so many compliments on the cut of the shirt – so for guys who have big traps and broad shoulders, it definitely accentuates the look.

It’s hard to find workout gear that is aesthetically pleasing, as well as great comfort to boot.

I never felt too hot or sweaty with the clothing, so it was able to withstand the intensity of all of our classes – and we go pretty hard at RoxFire. That’s big for me – not feeling like I’m overheating in fitness gear. Born Tough lived up to the expectation.

Additionally, I loved the cut of the shorts and the lining of them – no need to wear any extra layers of compression, as the fit keeps everything where it needs to be 😉 and it stayed pretty cool too!

I can’t wait to order some more pieces of clothing – but if you want to get my look, click the link below to check out their curated looks.

Check out their products! Right now they have 15% off as a March Madness sale. You can also check out some of their men’s workout shirts and men’s workout shorts. You can also check their sister website Elite Sports.

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