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Hunting for Community in Flagler Village

By February 13, 2024No Comments

From Fitness To Kava, Finding Your Home-Away-From-Home

I’ll tell you a secret: there’s not a lot of community for young people in Fort Lauderdale. 

If you’re one of the 30,000 people new to South Florida last year, I’ve got two options to help you find your home-away-from-home.

More than just a gym, RoxFire Fitness is a tribe where we celebrate your fitness aspirations like you’re our family.

Whether you’re receiving coaching from one of our personable, welcoming coaches in our 16-client capped classes – or hanging at one of our monthly social events – you have a place you belong. 

But beyond gyms like ours, where else can you find this community in Fort Lauderdale?

Enter Karma Kava!

Karma Kava is “a great alternative to the typical “bar scene” and offers an extraordinary Kava Bar experience.” It’s also 2.5 seconds from RoxFire.

I’ve been fueling life (and workouts) for the past six months with kava and kratom after discovering Karma Kava with my boyfriend last summer. Since I identify as a caffeine sensitive, stressed out millennial entrepreneur – this was a God-send.

If you didn’t know: 

  • Kava is a traditional drink known for its calming effects, often used for relaxation and socializing without affecting mental clarity.

  • Kratom, a leaf from Southeast Asia, is valued for its ability to relieve pain, enhance mood, and increase energy, with effects varying based on the dose.

Finding Karma Kava has been a game changer – because not only have I found a great pre and post-workout drink – I’ve also found a place I can go to meet and hang out with really cool, like-minded people. 

The owner of Karma Kava, Jhon Gaona, agrees.

 “I think community is one of the one of the reasons why people come to (Karma Kava). A lot of people are really searching for a place (to hangout) where they don’t have to drink alcohol or eat.”

Jhon began as a bartender in Miami, but as he was getting older, he realized that he didn’t want to be around alcohol or (drunk people every night.) Finding Kava changed his life. He started going out less and working out more. This ultimately led to being an entrepreneur with Karma Kava. “And right after [my wife] got pregnant. We’re like, “Okay, let’s start [a business]. We want to spend more time with our child.” 

Like us at RoxFire, Jhon has created his very own community.

 “I thought it was going to be really cool, because I’m not going to be going out drinking, I’m gonna be hanging out with friends and my son can come here if he wants to visit.”

Also like us, his community oriented values trickle down to his staff.

“It’s not just about providing great service, but being intimate with somebody. (My staff) is not like “Yes, sir. No, sir.”  They’re hanging out, making you feel at home, talking with you, asking about your day.”

We recently introduced our Coach Alexis as the Member Experience Guide. Her role is to help facilitate our members feeling like they’re home along their journey as clients of ours. She’s their first point of contact and that helpful, friendly face to answer any questions.

Whether you want a great hangout or a great workout, Flagler Village has you covered.

You can follow Karma Kava on Instagram.

See you soon,

Coach LJ |