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The Ultimate Pre-Spartan Race Pep Talk

By April 18, 2024No Comments

Whether you’re racing or not.

Dear RoxFire (Spartan) Racers, 

Saturday is right around the corner, and around 25 of us will race together in the Palm Beach Spartan Race. Whether you’re a novice or advanced, you’ve chosen to put yourself through this test, and I applaud you! 

With it being Wellness Month, you might wonder how the Spartan Race fits into that. Truth be told, it was a happy accident, but as I thought about it, it made perfect sense.

Wellness isn’t just about meditation and inner work; it’s about challenging yourself, pushing beyond your limits, and emerging mentally and physically stronger. The Spartan Race perfectly embodies this spirit. It’s about more than physical endurance; it tests willpower, teamwork, and perseverance.

As we face the obstacles in the race, remember that each is a metaphor for the hurdles we face. How we confront them, overcome them, and support each other in the process says a lot about who we are. This race is a chance to manifest our inner strength and to turn what we practice in the gym into tangible, real-world achievements.

Please think of this Saturday as a challenge and a celebration of what your bodies can do and what your minds can push you through. Every hill climbed and every obstacle overcome is a victory over our self-doubts and a step towards greater self-confidence.

While the race might be tough, the feeling of crossing that finish line will be unmatched. But it is up to you how you experience it. I firmly believe we create our own reality, so I want you to take a moment and create the feeling you have when you finish.

What is it you’d like to feel?

Powerful, accomplished, satisfied you’ve given your best effort?

Or doubtful, exhausted, and annoyed because x thing happened x way you didn’t expect? 

Saturday is another opportunity for you to create the best possible experience for yourself in your life. 

As we prepare for this exhilarating event, let’s embrace the journey and the personal growth it offers. Let’s stand together, breaking through the barriers in the race and those we set for ourselves.

Here’s to stepping up to the challenge and showing ourselves what we’re made of. 

Coach |

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